Birds Are Amazing [photography]

Birds Are Amazing [photography]

Birds are amazing. Ever thought about it? They are the most amazing animals that can exist. They are not “just birds”. The species variety is so vast, that few people even realize it. Some birds hunt, others migrate, some swim and some sing like no human choir can ever do it. Some birds can talk! And how funny is that to us. I think that they do it to amuse us 🙂 The real “bird-talking” is the one they do with each other. What an amazing sound that is when you hear tiny birds arguing in a blossoming tree!

Birds have the amazing ability to sit on a fragile branch which bends under their weight and still sing like there’s no tomorrow! Why? Because they can fly! Imagine the travelling they do! The things they see! And how they fly in the V shaped flocks. Birds are not stupid! They are survivors. They know when spring comes and know when the fall’s wind of change starts.
So let’s not cage them out of egoism and steal their most precious and unique gift they have. Let them fly!

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