One thought on “Pissed Off Bunny

  • October 8, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Nicholas: You’re welcome! Hope it is of good use to you!letti: Thanks for the sweet cinmlomept! Haha :mrgreen:Rei: Awww don’t say that. You don’t owe me any comments, since the comments are made upon my own free will 😉 haha! Anyways I love chocolate mint too! Maybe because of the mint 😀 it’s refreshing!Grace: Thank you! Hope the tutorial is useful to you :)yanni: I think the only major difference is the addition of better functions as we move from Adobe Photoshop CS to CS3. I don’t think they changed the user interface a lot, but I heard that CS3 has a lot more functionality than CS2. One of the major highlights, if not mistaken, is the improvement of Adobe Bridge and support for Raw Images, which both I don’t use 😀 LOL!

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