The Real Snow White – Greedy, Cute Chipmunk [video]

Meet Izzy, a really pretty and special chipmunk 🙂


This is what we call “making savings”. The peanuts are not to be thrown away…not the peanuts, not the peel, no nothing! We stuff it all in! Well, as much as possible, anyway 😀

Adorable Chipmunk Loves Petting and Cuddles [video]

Who said squirrels and chipmunks are hard to tame? Look at this adorable little guy here, nothing else matters in the world when his best friend gives attention and petting! ♥ Enjoy the video!


Oh, and also, I can’t help wondering, every single time I see such a cutie… what goes on in that tiny head of theirs?! 😀

Cute Ferret in Dead Sleep – amazing video

“He’s dead, he’s dead!!!” Sometimes ferrets sleep so soundly that they seem to be dead. You can pick them up, shake them, pinch their toes, or thump them on the chest, and they hang from your hand as limp as rags, with their eyes closed. About the time you have run to the car on the way to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic, the ferret sleepily opens its eyes and looks innocently around, wondering what is going on.
source pet edication