Clouds are Imagination [quote photography]

Clouds are Imagination [quote photography]

There are many types of people, therefore many types of imagination. Some have…limited brain possibilities and their imagination is like the thin summer clouds over a blue sky: thin, white, transparent and regular in shape, constant.

Then there’s the regular people, who dream and talk and dream and plan and shape their life accordingly. These are the puffy, fluffy, big, all shape-like clouds. Some announce the storm, only to make way for the sun again, others travel a lot, carried by the wind and following an unknown and irregular path and others move slow, changing shapes constantly.
And the last big category contains the less fortunate ones, who are the like late autumn clouds: grey and dull, blocking any ray of sunshine.
Which one are you?

One thought on “Clouds are Imagination [quote photography]

  • September 10, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    i was shocking by those movement of this picture.
    i have been a imagination of flying in the sky, across the cloud sky, with my wings sparking in the
    bule sky.thanks Giulia for your dedication, and congratulations!

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