When Everything Else Goes Wrong [relaxing photo]

There are those days…ah, just those darn days! Nothing works as planned, or even worse – everything works exactly the opposite! And there’s no plan B..or C or D, for that matter… You see no way in which things can get better and the deadline was yesterday. You hate that ringtone you used to love, just because it’s stuck in your brain non-stop now and you can’t even tell when it really rings or it’s just your imagination.

When Everything Else Goes Wrong [relaxing photo]

Best thing you can do is go home, turn off the phone and grab a good book. Get comfortable in bed. Call your cat and pet it like there’s no tomorrow. This is what I do. It works. For a short time, but it does. Otherwise you might be tempted to cook and burn down the kitchen. or shop and spend all your money. Or maybe accept that dating invite from God knows whom you’ve been hiding from!

One thought on “When Everything Else Goes Wrong [relaxing photo]

  • December 30, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Thank god for cats

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