A Budgie’s Devotion

A Budgie's Devotion

March is always cheerful. Even more for Bob. This morning he was woken up unusually early, to his excitement. He was so tired and bored of the green blanket covering his cage, with the purpose of keeping him quiet at the sun rise. In some sort of miraculous way, today he could see daylight way sooner. And he was singing and mumbling something with excitement, hitting softly the tiny bell he had, to draw attention and announce that he wants to be let out and play in the room. But not all wishes come true at once…

Before he could entirely realize it, Bob was in an even bigger cage, a weird one. He was in two cages now and kinda lost the excitement of the early morning…All confused, he stood still and tried to guess his master’s plans. No longer than 10 minutes and the huge cage started moving forward, with Bob to the left of his master’s chair. Losing orientation, the blue budgie started squeeking and flying around in circles. But then a voice told him “Don’t worry Bob, we’re just going on a trip. For today you’ll be a good birdy and stay there and tomorrow we’ll be already in Eastern Europe and you can play in a new room with Duck”.

Calmed down by the “baby talk” voice, Bob could stop and observe the things around him better now. So this speeding huge cage has some of those glass walls too, like the room he grew up in…And how weird it looked…The grey blocks disappeared and he could only see trees and some other moving cages on the strange path they were following. It was…fascinating and his tiny brain could not fully decide if he should be happy or worried. But he decided to be happy and without a worry, as he never had a hard time with his master.

Then a cold shiver ran through his tail. The seeds! And Duck! He quickly looked around. The food was there, he had plenty. And…Duck? Where was his dear plastic friend…the tiny rubber duck that he shared everything with, that always listened to him? Even though that strange yellow bird was almost his size, she never changed facial expression. Always with blue calm eyes, staring straight at him. But Duck was always there…and now Bob couldn’t spot her! Even if one of her blue eyes was only half blue now, because on an overexcitement moment, he bit her while playing and the colored paint got erased, she still had to be there always! Then he started flying again in circles making loud unbearable noises. The huge cage stopped, but the blue budgie was still restless. He wasn’t curious to see what’s after the glass wall or why the cage stopped moving, he didn’t even respond to his master’s calm words. Duck was missing, couldn’t he see? They had to go back and postpone the trip, wherever their destination was. Duck was gone, she was missing! Dumb as she was, he was decided not to go anywhere without her.

When a hand reached after him, he knew a kiss was about to come on his fluffy head with blue and white feathers, but he bit the hand and squeeked louder “DUCK!”. Nothing mattered anymore…the new environment, the beautiful early morning, the seeds or the running cage…Seeing that they start moving again, without his beloved friend, Bob stood helpless on the bars of his cage, with a sad look and without a sound…They must have been travelling for days, because he got really bored…No one to talk to, no one to bite and share feelings about the trip with…Still the dark didn’t come once…

After a real hour or so, the huge cage with glass walls stopped again and a sweet voice was reaching his tiny holes which served as ears, on the side of his head: “Now now Bob, don’t be sad, you cute thingy…I know someone who can cheer you up! “. And as a miracle, Duck entered his cage, bouncing in the hand of his owner…So she was there! In a blink of an eye, Bob jumped on the yellow rubber object and started cuddling, mumbling something with joy. It will be a perfect March day…!