Cute Dog Rides a Turtle – Video

Hope is a very friendly and playful dog and he found the perfect friend: his name is Carl and he’s a turtle. Sometimes they hang out together, taking walks and chitchatting, like animals do… But sometimes I get the feeling that this friendship is based on interest, as Hope has become a kinda lazy lately… Or maybe Carl decided to work out and get more muscular and Hope is helping… I can’t tell for you. You decide!

Happy Ostrich Weekend

Happy Ostrich Weekend

photo by ucumari

“Hello! The weekend is coming! SMILE !”

I’m not sure if an ostrich can make a good pet. They don’t look that “fluffy”, but I am sure that they are hilarious! But then again, not everybody wants a fluffy pet! Still, if you decide to get one and you live in an apartment, make sure it gets a separate room… And no weekend walks! They just go coocoo! πŸ˜‰