About Life’s Perfections and Such [quick thoughts]

People want it all perfect. They do. We do. All of us.
Perfect social status: what a struggle would that be! To always have to please someone. Everyone! And on top of that, how would we teach our children to be themselves, creative, but kind and honest at the same time? How would we teach them to want to improve, but without an unbearable social pressure and endless judging eyes?
Perfect relationship: how on Earth are we supposed to label someone as “perfect for me” unless you firstly met the “unperfect ones”?
Perfect child: aren’t they all in a momma’s eyes? 🙂
Perfect household: is there a limit to reach? There is always at least one more flower to plant or one asshole neighbour to get rid of.
Perfect job: well we can’t all be heirs and heiresses 😉
Perfect family: if you have a supportive one, than that’s already pretty close to perfect!
What else? Go ahead and tell me what you think in your comments!

About Life's Perfections and Such [quick thoughts]