10 Amazing Fish – Cute in an Odd Way [strange pictures]

Our world is beautiful over the earth, skies and seas. Today’s showcase presents 10 of the most beautiful, strange and cute fish one can have as a pet or find in the ocean. This is, of course, just a quick peek at what you can find beyond level 0. Enjoy! 🙂

I Lost a Friend

I Lost a Friend

photo by Eibo-Jeddah


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Rain – Beautiful Poem and Pictures

Rain - Beautiful Poem and Pictures 1

photo by mechtaniya


I woke up this morning
Reaching for a hug.
As the rain was pouring,
I thought I saw a bug.

So I stared a little better
Out the window in the rain.
But it was just a feather…
And I felt a weird pain.

The alarm was set to 8
But it was barely 7.
I tried to put my thoughts all straight
And picture me in heaven.

I tried to smile and understand
Why all the things have changed,
I tried to stop and not expand
The pain that was so strange.

Can I be ready for tomorrow
If I regret today?
I locked away my sorrow,
As faith was coming, on the way…

I fully opened all my windows
And received the chilly rain.
I could swear I saw some halos
Or maybe I was just insane…


Rain - Beautiful Poem and Pictures 2

photo by spring_peeper

The Cat’s Dilema

The Cat's Dilema

photo by mischi3vo

Now here is a problem we should all be concerned about… Have you ever wondered where the used tap water goes? Yes, yes, down the sink, in the pipes and… then what? What happens to it? Do they recycle it? Hm… maybe there’s just a big, huge pot where the use water goes and then NASA spills it out from our planet, like in one of those Captain Planet cartoons… Anyway, our kitty here wondered all these things 😀

About Paradise

About Paradise

photo by Imapix

Look around you at the gifts of God, the clear sky, the pure air, the tender grass, the birds; nature is beautiful and sinless, and we, only we, are godless and foolish, and we don’t understand that life is a paradise, for we have only to understand that and it will at once be fulfilled in all its beauty, we shall embrace each other and weep.