10 Amazing Fish – Cute in an Odd Way [strange pictures]

Our world is beautiful over the earth, skies and seas. Today’s showcase presents 10 of the most beautiful, strange and cute fish one can have as a pet or find in the ocean. This is, of course, just a quick peek at what you can find beyond level 0. Enjoy! 🙂

I Lost a Friend

I Lost a Friend

photo by Eibo-Jeddah


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Cute Ferret in Dead Sleep – amazing video

“He’s dead, he’s dead!!!” Sometimes ferrets sleep so soundly that they seem to be dead. You can pick them up, shake them, pinch their toes, or thump them on the chest, and they hang from your hand as limp as rags, with their eyes closed. About the time you have run to the car on the way to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic, the ferret sleepily opens its eyes and looks innocently around, wondering what is going on.
source pet edication