Giant Ant Colony is a World Wonder [fascinating video]

Everything here seems to be designed by an architect. Using the collective free will of the ants, an impressive and rarely seen structure has been built. This construction is very complex and it is the equivalent of building the Great Wall of China. The whole thing covers 538 square feet in width and 36 feet in depth, 40 tons of soil being moved around.
Now that is a wow! It is still a mystery how these ants can coordinate themselves so well, work so hard and follow their purpose in nature without a distraction, like they are a real army.

KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion – Mindblosing Beauty [video]

North America’s newest KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion Wybren 464. Bred and owned by North Star Friesians in Wausau, Wisconsin, and standing at Signature Friesians in Baldwin City, Kansas.
This must be one of the most beautiful horses of the world. Royalty. ♥ forever!

15 Beautiful White Animals [special photos]

Nature has the gift of colors. All around us, plants and animals are beautifully coloured, to emphasize certain characteristics or camouflage abilities. But what happens when neture decides that pure white is the most suited colour for some animals? Here’s a collection of 15 such beautiful examples!

Cute White Puppy

Cute White Puppy


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