Fearless Cat Chases and Attacks Bear [amazing video]

OMG, who needs a watch dog when you have a super-hero cat? Really brave and lucky, i should mention…Chicken silly bear 😀


The cat was already outside. The women did not let the cat out to fight the bear. She opens a window, not a door, so she can yell at the bear to try to scare it away from the cat that was already out on the porch. I am tired of the comments saying she is stupid for letting the cat outside to fight the bear, because she did not. The cat was outside and made its own choice to go fight the bear. That is why cats are awesome, they make their own choices and it wasn’t scared of the bear.

Woman and baby laugh as their house cat fights a bear. The bear is on the porch trying to take the garbage, then the cat chases the bear out into the driveway and gives it a couple of swats on the nose. The bear then takes the garbage and runs into the woods. Neither the bear or the cat were harmed in this video. Who needs a guard dog when you’ve got a cat.