E-invite to delight [cakes and tea]

E-invite to delight [cakes and tea]

Don’t look ahead and wait for any special day. Today is an already special day if you woke up and have a roof above your head, if there is at least one person to love and be loved back and if you have your health.
So enjoy all that. Because you have what too many people in this world long for.

Valentine’s Cute Animals [sweet pet photos]


For little kids, Valentine’s Day is about friendship. For adolescents, Valentine’s Day is about the hope of love. For singles, Valentine’s Day means commitment. For couples, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of love. For parents, Valentine’s Day is a shared love and an opportunity to teach about love.

What is Valentine’s day for pets? Well I think that it is all the above together: friendship, love, commitment and devotion. Even if they don’t celebrate it, our pets offer all that and more every day of the year. It’s time we pay some extra attention to them also! Enjoy 11 adorable Valentine’s pets!


Valentine’s Pug

Valentine's Cute Animals [sweet pet photos]

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