15 Adorable and Special Photos of the Elephant Shrew

These cute looking mammals are called “elephant shrews” or “jumping shrews” and they are native from Africa. Despite of their appearance as a small rodent, they are in fact insectivorous mammals that can vary in size and color: different shades of grey and brown and can grow to be from 10 to 30 centimeters.

Amazingly enough, they have quite big teeth and believe it or not, they even own a DENTAL FORMULA! How’s that for an interesting animal? 😀 I want one so badly!

Cute Elephant Shrew

Cute Elephant Shrew


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For a Delightful Day [cute dog offering flower – picture]

Every flower has its petals, like every day had its dreams. The cold season doesn’t kill flowers for good, it just prepares them for the future spring, when the delicate plants revive brighter and stronger than in fall.
Bad experiences shouldn’t kill our dreams, but make us aim even higher, as we become wiser. If that won’t happen, we’ll be living in a continuous cold winter…