Untouched Nature and the Sound of Silence [peaceful video]

Coming from pxleyes.com, this showcase was selected by me, and put together in this wonderful video by my friend Julien. He also picked the wonderful music. All in all, this is a video for the soul.
Take some time to listen to the music, breath deeply, look at the breath-taking wonders of nature, relax and enjoy!

A Little Love Poem

A Little Love Poem

photo by mqtrf

Some people walk the straight and narrow,
Some walk the rocky road.
Some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load.

But a little love, just a little love,
A little love can change it all.

Well I get a little tired walkin’ down the street
People on my side – everyone I meet.
But they don’t know what’s on my mind
And they don’t know what they might find
A little love, just a little love
A little love can change it all.

Out Of This World Space Scenes

Space has been a total mystery for ages. Man used to look at the sky and imagine gods and wonder what sort of miracles stand behind those clouds, out in the blue.
Not very long ago in history, humans managed to make spectacular breakthroughs, land on the Moon and explore the outer space like no time before!

Some have seen real pictures of it, some only imagine space from the descriptions they hear. But for those who dare more, we have gathered here 40 Stunning Outer Space Scenes, which put the rich and creative imagination of some of the best CG designers into real mind blowing images. Let’s take a trip above the limits!
Thank you Julien for putting this video together! πŸ™‚

The original post with static images is on PXLeyes.com