Dog Saves Master from the Fire and Burns Inside [touching video]

So who is your best friend…? Cherish your pets, cherish them as much as possible. A tragic and sad story that for sure the man in debate will never forget, as he will for ever remember his dog who saved his life, paying the price of his own.

Untouched Nature and the Sound of Silence [peaceful video]

Coming from, this showcase was selected by me, and put together in this wonderful video by my friend Julien. He also picked the wonderful music. All in all, this is a video for the soul.
Take some time to listen to the music, breath deeply, look at the breath-taking wonders of nature, relax and enjoy!

Cute Kitten Playing on the Screen [funny picture]

Uuuuh….this is better than the toilet paper, it never stops rollin’ and unrollin’… Not to mention I gets to see all the comments and new fans on the pages!

You heard her… But better get a protection foil on your screen first, FurryTalk does NOT pay for any damages done to your screen, even if they come from kitty claws! 😀