OMG Cuteness Thing Ever [photo]

OMG Cuteness Thing Ever [photo]

take me whereever!!! <3

Tiny Baby Kitten to Motivate You [adorable e-card]

photo by IndianRain

Weakness is a state of mind. Never look back, but to learn from your own mistakes. Never look far ahead, than to get motivational dreams. Love the present, care and smile. Make a difference.

Adorable Chipmunk Loves Petting and Cuddles [video]

Who said squirrels and chipmunks are hard to tame? Look at this adorable little guy here, nothing else matters in the world when his best friend gives attention and petting! ♥ Enjoy the video!


Oh, and also, I can’t help wondering, every single time I see such a cutie… what goes on in that tiny head of theirs?! 😀