Little Poem of a Lonely Pug: to my master

photo by angiemckaig

Last evening I met some friends and we started talking about animals and pets. One of them said quite an incredible story about her dog. Lisa (the doggy) got angry at my friend because she was left outside the tent one night when they went camping and for a whole week ignored all the commands and calls. Lisa even refused to eat the food my friend gave, she only accepted water and treats from the other family members! It took my friend a lot attention and special treat to buy and give Lisa to make her forget about that camping night.
So it made me think… some animals not only have feelings of love and fidelity, but even self esteem and personal ego 😀 Never underestimate your pet!

I Want You Back – Adorable Round and White Kitten Postcard

I Want You Back - Adorable Round and White Kitten Postcard

Sometimes we make mistakes, but true love sees them as challenges for making couples stronger.
That as a side remark, but the main one is: AAAAWW, isn’t this the most cute kitten in the whole wide world? It needs cuddles, that’s why it looks sad…

Chubby Mutated Giraffe – Funny Picture

Chubby Mutated Giraffe - Funny Picture

photo by solaris

This is why animals are way better in the wild, chewing on leaves and grass, even dried out straws. This is why we need vacations in a non-touristic area every now and then. Also, this is why we should all have a little vegetable garden…
Cute and funny, but if we think deeper, also kinda tragic, right?