5 Adorable Puppies [cute pictures]

Cute round eyes, wet tiny nose, fluffy paws and innocent look…and then you wonder why you can’t get mad when they chew on your favorite pair of shoes! 😀
Enjoy these 5 pictures of some of the most adorable puppies ever!

Cute as a button

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Adorable Fluffy Rabbit [funny picture]

photo by aeon-100

Awww, isn’t this the most darling thing you’ve ever seen? I want to pick him up and cuddle him and kiss him and hug him and hold him and give him treats. Of course, no more chocolates for this bunny… :d only low-fat carrots, no matter what he says 😀

Chubby Mutated Giraffe – Funny Picture

Chubby Mutated Giraffe - Funny Picture

photo by solaris

This is why animals are way better in the wild, chewing on leaves and grass, even dried out straws. This is why we need vacations in a non-touristic area every now and then. Also, this is why we should all have a little vegetable garden…
Cute and funny, but if we think deeper, also kinda tragic, right?